All medicinal plants and herbs that we offer are grown under our control. We offer dried herbs both retail and wholesale, both in Turkey and abroad. To custom order, we can also offer any medicinal plants if they grow in the Mediterranean region.

Flowers and plants should be collected at the right time, in the right place and in the correct order in accordance with the type and purpose of use. As a rule, freshly picked plants bring the best result. The plants that we collect are always clean, insect-free, fresh, harvested in dry sunny weather and do not contain dew.

According to the rules, plants do not wash before drying. We dry plants in spacious, shaded areas with fresh air. The roots, bark and thick leaves of plants are dried in a special oven.

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Linden herbal tea 80gr.


Linden tea is used as a natural antibiotic in many countries. Linden tea is a good protector against epidemic diseases in cold weather.

Helichrysum (dwarf everlast) tea 20gr.


The most pronounced beneficial properties of Helichrysum (dwarf everlast) tea are choleretic properties. Its antibacterial, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties are well known.

Highland herbal tea (bunch)


In addition to excellent taste, this Highland herbal tea is also popular for its health benefits. It is recommended to drink in the winter to increase vital energy and fight colds, as well as to eliminate pain of various kinds.