About us

In one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean region – the Gazipasa, where we were born and raised, our close relationship with nature made us think about what we can do for our land, how we can contribute to the development of our region, how we can benefit people. We wanted to share the wealth that the soil gives us – tasty and juicy fruits, plants grown in an ecologically clean region and in natural conditions.

Carob trees, which, even under natural conditions, bring first-class fruits, thanks to our care and maintenance, have begun to bring fruits, the quality of which has been recognized worldwide. Obtaining constantly high yields, thanks to our care of carob trees throughout the year, pushed us to the idea of processing these unique fruits. Today, we have reached the production capacity of 100 tons of carob syrup (harnup), which made our brand recognizable and contributed to the increase of the popularity of the Gazipasa region.

Noting our success, the Turkish authorities improved the infrastructure of the mountainous region where our production area is located: roads were improved, the central water supply was installed. At the beginning of 2017, the KOSGEB government structure supported our entry into the world market.

Passed from generation to generation, unique recipes for the carob syrup preparation and pomegranate sour came from our ancestors. There is no cold press, vacuum, or other factory methods used in our production process. We make carob syrup using exactly the same technology as in the past. Our goal is to provide equally high-quality products to everyone. The production of carob syrup requires great returns from a person. It’s hard work. In order to gain the trust of our consumers, we have made our production process as transparent as possible, which no other carob syrup manufacturer can boast.

Each seedling, each tree we plant ourselves, grow and constantly care. We also try to refrain from using agricultural chemicals, use organic fertilizers and grow fruits in completely ecological conditions.

Our production site is located high in the mountains, away from the city and industrial areas. All organic products of the “Gazipaşalı” brand are produced on professional food equipment in hygienic conditions and according to a traditional recipe. Carob syrup and pomegranate sour thicken in special stainless steel tanks in a wood-burning stove and, when ready, are poured into glass containers with an airtight lid.

As for herbs and tea, these plants are dried in the shade and then packed in such a way that they do not absorb moisture. These herbs are presented for sale in our showroom and on the website.

Each product that we produce is a source of our pride of the natural wealth of Gazipaşa region, Antalya and our country. In striving to achieve our goals, we put in the first place a professional approach, hygienic conditions, and an environmentally friendly environment. Together with our next generation, we will do our best to become a global brand.