Carob seed 400gr.


The carob tree has been cultivated in the Mediterranean region for almost four thousand years. Seeds (kernels) of the pods are edible. Carob seeds are a natural, unprocessed product that is dried under natural conditions.

The pods of carob trees are grown on our own plantations in the mountains of the Gazipasa region, which we care for all year round. We also try to refrain from using agricultural chemicals, use organic fertilizers and grow fruits in completely ecological conditions.

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You can order carob seeds both at retail and wholesale from any country in the world and enjoy the unique taste of this tasty and healthy product.

Useful properties of carob:
– Rich in calcium
– High level of Vitamin E
– Has an expectorant effect
– Make breathing easier for smokers
– Used as an alternative solution for allergic shortness of breath
– Antiparasitic
– Strengthens the walls of the stomach
– It is a good source of food due to its rich mineral structure with vitamins A, B, B2, B3, D
– Removes radiation from the body