Carob powder 500gr.


Carob powder tastes a bit like cocoa powder, only very sweet. Carob is recommended as a substitute for cocoa and sugar (chocolate) for patients with diabetes and overweight people.

Carob powder is also known as carob flour. It is a completely organic and natural product. It contains no additives. In order to obtain carob powder, carob pods undergo a number of natural processes. First, we collect ripened pods and separate the seeds (kernels) from them. Further, these peeled carob pods are thoroughly fried on special equipment and ground to a powder state.

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Carob powder is high in natural sugar and therefore can be used as an alternative to regular sugar or as a substitute for cocoa. Due to the low fat content and low calorie content, the use of carob powder is very wide. The use of carob powder with hot or cold milk has a great positive effect on human health, helps relieve cough and supports the immune system, especially in winter.

Useful properties of carob:
– Rich in calcium
– High level of Vitamin E
– Has an expectorant effect
– Make breathing easier for smokers
– Used as an alternative solution for allergic shortness of breath
– Antiparasitic
– Strengthens the walls of the stomach
– It is a good source of food due to its rich mineral structure with vitamins A, B, B2, B3, D
– Removes radiation from the body