Carob tea 100gr.


Carob tea is a completely organic and natural product. It contains no additives. In order to get carob tea, carob pods undergo a number of natural processes. First, we collect ripened pods and separate seeds (kernels) from them. Further, these peeled pods are thoroughly fried on special equipment and chopped, becoming ready for use.

Drinking carob tea, especially in the morning, will provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as give a boost of vitality. Tea made from carob pods is very useful for diabetics (when consumed without sugar). Moreover, regular consumption of this tea helps regulate blood sugar and solves many diabetes problems. Thus, carob tea can be considered a natural remedy.

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Useful properties of carob:
– Rich in calcium
– High level of Vitamin E
– Has an expectorant effect
– Make breathing easier for smokers
– Used as an alternative solution for allergic shortness of breath
– Antiparasitic
– Strengthens the walls of the stomach
– It is a good source of food due to its rich mineral structure with vitamins A, B, B2, B3, D
– Removes radiation from the body